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Krista Lyle is an interdisciplinary
artist working on unceded Wurundjeri Land (Melbourne, Australia).

KRISTA has a fine art degree wherein she built a practice based on naivety, play and ornamentation. Today she works primarily with sculpture, jewellery and apparel.

All pieces are handmade with love and custom orders are always welcome.

Thank you for supporting local


KRISTA’s pieces are currently made-to-order, so anything you see featured on the website or socials can be recreated or altered to suit you.

If placing a custom order, please try to include some of the following if possible:

︎ The item you are after
︎ Colour, style, extra details
︎ Image reference, if needed

For example: ‘Baby blue cap with bleaching and red stitching’

Please direct all orders and enquiries to KRISTA via email ︎